Custom Homes Built On Your Lot in St Augustine, St Johns County, Duval, Flagler and Jacksonville


Build On Your Lot

What to Look For

We can help you plan your “forever home” on your lot. From selecting from our library of home plans, or designing a home, we have a dedicated team on staff to guide and assist you from the start to finish.

Landon Homes has the experience and knowledge that is necessary in building on privately owned lots.

All it takes is a phone call and our Team will schedule a meeting with you to discuss your new home project, answer your questions and prepare a proposal for you based on your individual family needs and home requirements.

Building on your lot may seem complicated at first, but with our guidance, and project management, your dream home can become a reality.  Just check out our 10 Step Program:

1. Initial Meeting:

We start by asking questions, and listening to you describe your dream home.

2. Lot assessment:

We send a team to the lot and make an assessment. Then we determine the site conditions, set-backs, and county and local ordinances that can have an impact on your project.

3. Select a floor plan:

You can tour our model homes throughout the area and select from our library of plans.

4. Create a home specifications summary:

We will work with you on determining the specifications for your new home such as the type of cabinetry, flooring, lighting, plumbing, and electrical.

5. Plan approval:

Once you select a home and your desired changes, we will then create a blue-print that is customized to your needs.

6. Detailed pricing:

We will price your home based on your selections and specifications.

7. Design selections:

Now is the time to select your design selections for the interior and exterior of your new home. We have a private Design Center and a staff that is here to help you make selections and to pull it all together for you!

8. Pre-start review:

We do all of the “back office” work to get your plans through design, engineering, and the permitting process. Once we have the Building Permit, we will then schedule a meeting with you to review the plans and provide you with a time-line for your new home project.

9. Construction:

During every phase of construction we utilize a project management program to insure timely scheduling and work flow at your site. Communication is our top priority during the building of your new home. We will have a site superintendent and an area manager to coordinate the daily work schedule.

10. New home delivery:

As we near completion of your new home we will schedule on-site personal meetings with you. It’s all in the details. We have a Quality Assurance Inspection Report that is passed to the area manager. We then prepare the home for your New Home Orientation meeting. This is the time to learn about the care and maintenance of your new home. Then it’s off to the Closing Meeting and the celebration.